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These are the questions we get asked the most – please get in touch if you have any more and we’ll be happy to help you.

2112 are highly recommended – we encourage all our prospective clients to take references from our existing clients – their views are the most impartial and unbiased – and the most relevant.

Yes – recent examples are Essen, Cologne, Bologna, Moscow and Nicosia.

We provide the highest and most comprehensive level of event management – we can handle and manage everything related to an event – from ordering the electrics and completing the Risk Assessment forms through to packing the giveaway bags.

We do not have our own creative department – we use a number of reliance specialists depending on the activity – or clients can use their own.

You can pick and choose – absolutely no obligation or requirement to use all of our B2B services.

Yes – we do it for several of our client – print management is one of our core skills.

Yes – all the time!